City of Gdansk manifesto of openness

Due to the fact that: According to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland every citizen has the right to obtain information about the activities of public authorities and persons performing public functions; Everyone has the right to access public information in accordance with the law on access to public information; Electronic publishing information in open and structured forms allows citizens to analyze and re-use;

City of Gdańsk: wants to use new technologies to promote transparent and accountable exercises of public functions; wants to inspire and involve citizens in the affairs of the city and support the construction of civil society and information; wants to stimulate entrepreneurship and create conditions for the development of new business initiatives; wishes in every possible way to take care of the efficiency and transparency of public spending, wants to continually improve and verify the solutions adopted in the management of the city, open data is an opportunity to strengthen the city’s image as modern and innovative;

The following shall be determined:

§ 1

Whenever Openness Policy City of Gdansk refers to: The city – should be understood as the city of Gdańsk, public data – should be understood as all information generated and processed by the City, which are public information within the meaning of the Act of 6 September 2001. on Access to Public Information (Journal of Laws No. 112, item. 1198, as amended. amended .), to which access is not subject to restriction: the extent and on the terms specified in the regulations for the protection of classified information, the extent and on the terms specified in the regulations on the protection of other secrets protected by law, because of the privacy of the individual, or trade secret, open data – should be understood as public data available on a dedicated website for this purpose, available in open and structured formats open format – should be understood as an electronic file format with overt communal structure Open Data Portal – should be understood as a website established and maintained by the City, available at / otwartygdansk, Complex Open Data – should be understood as the implementation of the coordinating team City of Gdansk Openness Policy, the organizational unit – should be understood as organizational units of the City Hall and organizational units required to publish a Public Information Bulletin.

§ 2

The City of Gdansk Openness Policy is introduced, aiming at free, easy and free of charge availability of public data generated by the City. The Open Data Portal is created, hereinafter referred to as “Portal”, which will be available at / otwartygdansk. Administering the portal is entrusted to the Office of the President. Within the portal the public data will be made available on the basis of principles: availability – data is available to the widest possible range of users and can be used for any purpose, including business, news – the data are made available quickly enough to not lose their value, completeness – the individual data sets are made available to the public as a whole, machine-readable – data are organized and can be processed automatically, sharing without discrimination – the data are available to anyone, without the requirement of registration, sharing without licensing restrictions.

§ 3

The Open Data Team referred to in § 2 of this Ordinance hereinafter referred to as “the Team” every year prepares a report on the status of the availability of public data in the previous year. The report should also include an action plan for the next year aimed at improving access to public data on-line. The team sends a yearly report to City Mayor on or before March 1 of each year. The team presents the first report to the Mayor of Gdansk, within 90 days of the date of this order.

§ 4

The directors of organizational units are obligated to create a directory of Open Data. The Directory should contain: list of public data sets created by the organizational unit, data within the set should be grouped into data that are already available and data that are planned to share. Lists of collections and data contained in them should be the organizational units created under the supervision of and in collaboration with the Team. The directors of organizational units are obligated to permanently cooperate with the Team in the implementation and development of policies of openness by: secondment of staff to work with the Team, the analysis of their public data preparation of appropriate data for publication, gradual publication of new data collections on terms agreed with the Team.

§ 5

In the implementation of Open Data Policy the City cooperates in particular with NGOs engaging in the efforts of open data